Three great leatherworkers

Three Great Leatherworkers

There's so much to learn from the talented people in our creative community. I've been hiding out in my lovely little studio for such a long time that I'd forgotten how energised I feel from hanging out with other craftspeople.

This week, let me introduce you to three kiwi creatives who craft traditional leatherwork with a modern aesthetic... welcome to Three Great!

Emily Mahey

Emily comes from a talented family, and she matches them with a great feel for colour and a focus on the detail. Emily crafts handbags that are made to last,  and will open an Auckland shop in a few weeks.

Emily Mahey - Leatherworker

Jennifer Strange

Jennifer and I did markets together for a long time and it was always fun hanging out together. She makes incredibly useful little things in heartwarming colours. I'm especially obsessed with her needle holders - they are going to be my gift of choice this Christmas!

Jennifer Strange Leatherwork


Honey Bird Leathercraft

Honey Bird Leathercraft are new to me, I found their work while hanging out on felt (which is full of the most talented people and well worth a visit). I was looking for a knife-sheath for my youngest and was struck by the honesty and integrity of their work. 

 Honey Bird Leathercraft

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