Three great stone carvers

Three Great Local Makers

Stone is tricky! You could spend a lifetime learning to chisel, grind, polish and facet this wonderful material. 

These three artists can pick up a pebble and with skill and dedication transform it into something that's only held in their imagination (and perhaps their sketchbook). Let me introduce you to three kiwi artists who craft stone in interesting ways... welcome to Three Great!

Aaron Brown

My son Jacob (15 yrs) introduced me to Aaron's work last year and I've been haunting his Instagram page ever since. Aaron crafts beautifully carved bats and birds that feel like they are about to take flight. Jacob is lobbying for a piece this Christmas, let's see how he goes in his exams...

Stone carving by Aaron Brown

Amie Redpath

Amie is a self-taught stone carver who spends most of her time crafting domestic objects. I love using handmade pieces in a mindful way for everyday tasks and can't wait to have one of Amie's pieces in our house.

Stone carving by Aime Redpath from HomeGround

Kawakawa Stone

I only discovered Mady and Mike's work recently but am already in love with the delicate, curved forms of their sculptural work. I've registered for their emails and am looking forward to following their creative journey.

Kawakawa Stone

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