Three great textile artists

Three great fabric artists

There's a skill in moving ideas from the sketch book and onto fabric, one that these three local makers have in abundance.

Let me introduce you to three kiwi artists who use fabric to tell their stories... welcome to Three Great!

Louise Sly

Lou, of Sly&Company is an Auckland artist and all-round delightful person. She's one of those people who make you relax as soon as you meet. Louise makes mindful fashion from recycled clothing (I'm currently wearing one of her wonderful Fan Tops made from old shirts), but I'd like to introduce you to her playful screen prints...

Louise Sly of Sly and Company

Andrea Sexton

I've known Andrea for over 20 years, and we've both come a long way since we were finding our feet as artists in Dunedin. Now she's an accomplished multi-media artist and teacher with a lovely little hilltop gallery in Southland. She's an inspiration!

Andrea Sexton fabric artist


Kelly is a local artist, and we used to pop up in all of the same places. I use her bento wraps for packaging-free lunches, but what impresses me most about Kelly isn't her illustrations (although they are amazing), it's her thoughtful business model. She's recently introduced sustainable corporate gifts to the range, so if you need to shop for your business please take a peek at her offering. 

Shop Moobee fabric artist and illustrator

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