Three Great Bud Vases

Three great local creatives - Bud Vases

My sisters will tell you that I've always collected teeny-tiny bottles and vases, sitting them on the windowsill to catch the light. My mother will tell you that I didn't dust them very often! Nowadays I've got Johno to help dust my ever-growing collection, and I'm looking forward to adding a few more from these fantastic makers.

Let me introduce you to three kiwi craftspeople who make the most extraordinary bud vases... welcome to Three Great!

Deborah Sweeney Ceramics

Deborah crafts beautifully formed domestic pieces on the wheel, with an earthy palette that would sit gracefully in any home.

Deborah Sweeny

Matthew Hall Glass

Matthew and I share many stockists in common, and although we both work in glass we have very different techniques. Matthew works in a traditional hot-shop, whereas I use a blowtorch and kiln to craft my glass.

Matthew Hall Glass

These lovely vases were handcrafted by Matthew in collaboration with the talented Helen from Inc Design Store who took the photos. Helen is an incredible supporter of local artists, and her shop in Oamaru is a showcase for the best New Zealand craft and design. 

Anna McLay

I'm new to Anna's work, but love the traditional shapes of her bud vases, I've been haunting her Instagram lately, thinking about how I can recreate these forms in glass... all I need is a mini glass lathe...

Anna McLay Ceramics

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