I make a unique range of jewellery and gifts using the ancient technique of lampworking.

Lampworking is an ancient and magical process with a chemistry that boarders on alchemy. All of my glass is melted, blown and shaped on a blowtorch before being placed in a kiln to cool overnight. Every morning I open my kiln to glorious colour, then craft the glass into exquisite jewellery and gifts. 

Lampworking a glass bead on the blowtorch

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Hot off the Torch

Read my blog and explore the art and science of lampworking glass. I'll showcase the techniques I use to make glass jewellery, my inspiration and other local craftspeople.

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Wearing Glass Studio with Blowtorch

Isla Osborne

My Creative Journey

I make contemporary glass jewellery and artworks from my garden studio. After studying glass and graphic design in Whanganui, I headed to London where I lived and worked for ten years before coming home to New Zealand to start a family.

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Glass Butterfly Sculpture Beads of Courage

Child Cancer Foundation

Beads of Courage

I donate handmade glass beads to the Child Cancer Foundation to help honour the strength and courage of children living with cancer in New Zealand.

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