Three great weavers

Three great local weavers

Weaving has always fascinated me, but just looking at the complexity of a strung loom has made me forget any thought of experimentation. I know there's an old table-top loom in my parent's attic... and chatting to these three weavers makes me think that perhaps it's time for me to give it a go.

Let me introduce you to a lovely group of local weavers... welcome to Three Great!

Prem Tyler

It seems to me that Prem is a quintessential weaver, she shares her skills generously and makes the most beautiful scarves. I have a yellow wrap of Prem's that makes me smile every time I wear it!

Prem Tyler - Weaver

Richard Naylor

Richard is a potter and talented teacher (I recently attended one of his workshops and loved it), but I wanted to show you what he makes in his spare time - it's inspirational to see craftspeople working with such a high level of skill in such different mediums.

Richard Naylor - potter and weaver

Heather Kremen

And now you're wondering why I'm introducing you to a glass artist when I promised weavers... but like Richard, Heather (Amokura Glass, Rotorua) weaves in her spare time. And you can see the influence of textiles in her glass. I was blown away when I first encountered Heather's work, and know you will be too.

Heather Kremen from Amokura Glass in Rotorua

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