Three great woodworkers

Three Great Local Woodworkers

If my hard-tech teacher at Feilding High School remembers me at all, he'd tell you of my lack of focus. I want to be able to create well-crafted domestic objects, but wood just isn't my medium. In fact, I still have two half-carved spoons unfinished from camping last summer. Sigh.

These woodworkers, however, seem to create magic... welcome to Three Great!

Gwyneth Hulse

Gwyneth is based in Kerikeri, making simple modern pieces from native timbers... saving off-cuts from the fire. She now works with her husband in a family business and her work sits alongside mine at design stores nationwide.

Gweneth Hulse Design Studio


Minnow is a small local design house founded by husband and wife team Carl and Victoria. They make beautifully crafted wooden lampshades with a focus on social and environmental responsibility. 

Minnow Design Studio - Woodworkers

Bearwood Workshop

Joe from Bearwood Workshop makes domestic and decorative pieces with flowing lines and elegant curves. Looking at his work makes me want to get out those half-carved spoons and spend a few more hours giving them the love that they deserve... perhaps I'll finish them this summer.

 Bearwood Workshop

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