Our story

At Wearing Glass we handcraft exquisite jewellery and giftware by sculpting molten glass using a blowtorch powered with oxygen and natural gas. Beads are made one at a time and every piece of glass tells a story.
After our beads have been annealed in a kiln, the glass is cleaned then moves to the jewellery bench where it’s combined with sterling silver to become exquisite glass jewellery and gifts.

Wearing Glass is a traditional glass studio, individually handcrafting products using techniques that date back thousands of years. We’re a family business, proud of keeping this ancient tradition alive for the next generation of craftspeople.

All of our work is packaged in beautiful black boxes, gift-wrapped and delivered to your door.


Isla Osborne

Isla makes contemporary glass jewellery and artworks from her Grey Lynn studio. She lived and worked in London for ten years before returning to New Zealand in 2007 to start a family.

Isla has exhibited both nationally and internationally, with shows in Australia, the UK and the USA. Glass is both subject and object in Isla's work and its chemical and physical properties fascinate her. It is fluid whilst unyielding, delicate whilst impenetrable. Glass can transform from liquid to solid in an instant and still retain the illusion of movement.

Isla's process consists of making finely crafted glass beads melted with a torch according to traditional Italian methods. Although the techniques she uses are ancient, their application is contemporary and she is constantly experimenting with the nature and chemistry of glass.

She says "Lampworking is an ancient and magical process, with a chemistry that borders on alchemy and as an artist I find its lure irresistible."

Lampwork glass art by artist Isla Osborne